How Much Should I Exercise My Abs?

One of the questions that I’m sure everyone has had at one point is, “How much should I exercise my abs?”.

Most people struggle with this because they believe that the more days they exercise their abs, the stronger they will be. To decide the number of days you exercise your abs, you have to determine what you want to get out of it and what level you are at. For most people, they are at the Beginner and Intermediate levels when it comes to ab strength.

Instead of deciding how many days to do, think of it like this. You can either perform shorter, less intense, ab workouts every day or exercise your abs every other day, using intense exercises.

While most sources will say to always exercise every other day, I have evidence that performing less intense ab workouts every day can be in fact beneficial. Personally, I usually go by the every other day rule, BUT how can this be obtainable with such a busy schedule. I always tell myself “Ok, I’ll exercise my abs today and then every other day after that,” but over half the time when I’m supposed to do them I get busy. This is the reason I have started to experiment with performing ab exercises every day!

The respective benefits are…

Advantages of Everyday Training

  • A Habit is developed and requires less willpower to perform.
  • Very short amount of time is required.
  • Easy to do because of less intense workouts.

Advantages of Every Other Day Training

  • Allows muscles to heal
  • Gives you a day off
  • More intense, more muscle built

As you can see both have different benefits. It all depends on what you are looking for the most. I would highly recommend you to try out both of these tactics. The first-week try performing every other day, and the second try every day.

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Please let me know in the comments how this works for you!

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